Weapons Debate Draws Gun Enthusiasts and Buyers to Local Range

Business at the Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range has been non-stop, a manager said. "Everyone is buying everything."


The gun debate and fears over a ban on certain weapons has stretched to nearly every corner of the country including Sandy Springs.

Local gun enthusiasts have been clued into the debate since before the Presidential election in November, according to Meg Hinton, manager of the Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range. As a result, it’s been increasingly busy at the gun club. 

“Everyone is buying everything,” said Hinton. “We are running out of ammunition and guns; people are coming into shoot, it has been non-stop. After the Newtown [shootings] that’s when everything disappeared because everyone was convinced the AR15 would disappear”

Some folks are also interested in weapons that have higher capacity magazines. Instead of a magazine that has 10 rounds, they want 17 rounds, for example, if they can get it.

Incoming orders are slow, Hinton added. “It’s hard for us to get anything from people we order stuff from, because they can’t get it from [companies] they order from,” she said.

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People frequent the Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range for a variety of reasons. Some come to practice for gun shows, others want to feel safe around firearms or shoot for recreation.

Many parents bring their children to shoot at the gun club. Individuals ages 12-20 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Jay Boylan, 57, of Sandy Springs, learned to shoot as a young Eagle Scout. “Gun safety training is a fundamental part of scouting,” he said.

Boylan said he believes in the Second Amendment and also wants to see Congress come to an agreement on gun control. He doesn’t agree with the sale of assault rifles but a wide ranging ban on guns would just take the market underground, he said. 

“The government needs to protect the health, safety and welfare of our citizens and that should be done by [both] parties,” said Boylan, who enjoys shooting at the Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range. 

The mass shootings in recent years shows there has not been enough emphasis on mental health in background checks, Boylan said.

“If you look at all of the circumstances what is the consistent issue – mental health and gun control,” Boylan said. “That’s where we tend to lose focus.”

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Carlton Roberts January 16, 2013 at 07:23 PM
Not a comment, but a few questions: Does the business screen those who come in to shoot? Is there an age limit for unaccompanied minors? Do minors require parental permission to be allowed entry. Must all minors be accompanied by an adult when shooting? Is there a business policy to report to the appropriate authorities anything that could be interprated as "threatening violence" to other individuals or groups? Is the business able to identify felons or other persons barred from owning or possessing a firearm, even as a "rental" made available by the business? I'm a law-abiding gun owner, age 58, and I shoot sporting clays with my wife weekly. I would hate to think that a gun range such as located in Sandy Springs would be aiding and abetting those who, because of mental issues or moments of passion, have the potental to inflict firearm deaths on innocents. Carlton Roberts
Brian Oravetz January 16, 2013 at 11:30 PM
Carlton: No, they don't screen for those who come in to shoot? Why should they? There are range safety officers to handle procedural issues. A gun shop is the last place even crazy people would want to pick a fight. A minor cannot just go into the club and have at it. Your questions imply that gun ranges run a criminal enterprise, since the tenor of the questions imply that it is a place that violent, and mentally unstable people hang out. Nothing could be further from the truth. The gun club is one of the safest places you could go. People that frequent the club are polite and professional. It is not a place where thuggery is tolerated. In fact, when thug types walk in, there is no shortage of "stank eye" aimed in their direction. They promptly leave. You should go in for yourself. I think that you'd change your perception.
Brian Oravetz January 16, 2013 at 11:37 PM
To the article itself: I cannot understand how uneducated people are when talking about the issue of "gun control". Why are the facts that the areas with the strictest gun control are also the most violent areas in our country. Why do people who comment and call for more gun control not know that we have over 20,000 gun control laws on the books? And not a one of them has ever stopped a criminal from doing anything illegal? Why do people not know that "assault weapons" were banned in 1934? Or that "real" "assault weapons" are extremely hard to get, and exorbitantly expensive to shoot. Why do gun control zealots not know that an AR15 is not an "assault rifle"? Why do gun control people not realize, and ban things like hammers, bats, and fists because each one has been used in more crimes than an AR15? Why do gun control zealots not realize that firearms, including the evil AR15 are used millions of times a year in the commission of an act of self defense, against criminal predators that ignore gun laws? Why do people who cite places like the UK as examples of low gun violence, ignore the fact that violent crime occurs at a far higher rate in countries with strict gun control? When population is taken into consideration, the UK (and just about any other country with strict gun control), are far more violent than the US. Guns are banned but criminals still have guns. They come in with the drugs, which are illegal too. But they're still rampant. Get a clue gun grabbers.
Brian Oravetz January 16, 2013 at 11:41 PM
And finally, what's worse is that so many people do not realize that the 2nd amendment strictly intended for the populace to be armed, to keep the government in check. It isn't about hunting. Now you may say, the founders never imagined AR15's. Well, they never imagined the internet either, but we still have the 1st Amendment. It's just downright pathetic that people do not know that the Constitution is a document that was expressly intended to LIMIT government size, scope and power. There is no way, the 2nd amendment to grant the government more power, and the other 9 to empower it. All one need do is read the writings of the founders to get an absolutely clear understanding of what the 2nd Amendment was intended for.


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