20 Epstein Students Place at Technology Fair

The Sandy Springs students will go on to state competition. See winners names below.


Twenty students at The Epstein School placed in the North Atlanta Jewish Students’ Technology Fair in January. They will compete in state level competition at the Georgia Educational Technology Fair at Macon State College, in March.

Here are the winners:

1st place: Lilah Juliet Presser Weiss - Digital Video Production - 3-4 Grade

1st place: David Leavitt – Robotics - 3-4 Grade

1st place: Emma Mailman - Technology Literacy Challenge - 3-4 Grade

1st place: Eitan Pritzker - Technology Literacy Challenge - 3-4 Grade

1st place: Carly Judenberg &  Micayla Pollak - Animated Graphic Design- 5–6 Grade

1st place: Isabel Berlin – Multimedia – 6th Grade

1st place: Yoel Alperin - 3D Modeling - 7-8 Grade

1st place: Hallie Bernstein  - Animated Graphic Design - 7-8 Grade

1st place: Yoel Alperin - Digital Photography - 7-8 Grade

1st place: Shaun Regenbaum – Hardware - 7-8 Grade

1st place: Elaine Berger - Technology Literacy Challenge - 5–6 Grade

2nd place: Regan Lapes & Ava Granot - Non-Multimedia Applications - 3-4 Grade

2nd place: Elaine Berger – Multimedia – 5th Grade

2nd place: May Abravanel - 3D Modeling - 5–6 Grade

2nd place: Jared Rakusin - Animated Graphic Design - 5–6 Grade

2nd place: Shaun Regenbaum - Digital Photography - 7-8 Grade

2nd place: Jeffrey Parmet – Robotics - 7-8 Grade

3rd place: Maddy Gertz – Multimedia – 3rd Grade

3rd place: Emma Nowitz - Digital Video Production - 3-4 Grade

3rd place: Hannah Dobkin – Multimedia – 4th Grade

3rd place: Jacob Alayof - Digital Photography - 5–6 Grade


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