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Former D.A. Will Talk Teens, Drugs and Georgia Law at Riverwood

J. Morgan, an experienced prosecutor, defense lawyer and former district attorney for DeKalb County will speak at the Sandy Springs high school.


J. Tom Morgan, a nationally renowned expert on legal issues for teens, returns to speak at Riverwood International Charter School at 7 p.m., Wednesday.

During the free event, he will discuss the legal impact, according to Georgia law, on choices regarding social media, sex, alcohol, drugs (prescription and illegal), false ID’s, behavior at parties, and more.

DID YOU KNOW...that if you give a prescription drug to a friend, you can both be charged with a crime? When teens wake up on their 17th birthday, they are considered adults under Georgia’s criminal laws.

Morgan, an experienced prosecutor, defense lawyer and former district attorney for DeKalb County, has authored the book “Ignorance is no Defense: A Teenager’s Guide to Georgia Law,” which will be available for purchase after the event.

He speaks candidly about important yet potentially problematic issues in youth culture and how their choices can create liability. Additionally he will present information on rights of a teenager in certain situations and differences in prosecution between juveniles and adults, all of which will arm parents and older teenagers with useful information to keep them safe.

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Morgan will hold workshops for Riverwood freshmen and sophomores, and share real life examples and legal ramifications of certain choices.

The school will ask parents and students to participate in the “I Pledge” not to drink, use drugs, etc. For more information about the event or to preorder the book ($15 now, $20 at the event), contact PTSA officer Carol Shutley 404.847.0268 shutleyc@bellsouth.net.


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