Fulton Schools Exceed State Student Performance Index Average

The Fulton County School System's average on the College and Career Ready Performance Index outpaced the state's score.

Credit: Patch
Credit: Patch

From the Fulton County School System:

On Monday, the Georgia Department of Education released results of the second year of its College and Career Ready Performance Index, or CCRPI.

The CCRPI is Georgia’s statewide accountability system, which was implemented last year to replace the No Child Left Behind Act's Adequate Yearly Progress measurement after the U.S. Department of Education granted Georgia’s waiver from federal act in 2012. 

It measures schools and school districts on an easy-to-understand 100-point scale, helping parents and the public to better understand how schools are performing in a more comprehensive manner than the pass/fail system previously in place under AYP. 

“The College and Career Ready Performance Index uses a variety of metrics that are more meaningful in measuring school performance,” said Superintendent Robert Avossa. “It’s also aligned with our strategic goals of improving graduation rates and preparing students for college or the workforce, showing a statewide commitment toward preparing our students for the future.”

2013 Results

Using 2012-2013 data, the CCRPI measures schools and school districts on a 100 point scale. Fulton County experienced gains at every level in 2013. Although some aspects of school performance were slightly behind the state in 2012, increases were seen in 2013. School-by-school level data is attached.   

  • Fulton County’s overall district score (77.5) exceeds the state  score (75.8) by 1.7 points 
  • High school scores (77.8) exceed the state score (72.0) by 5.8 points
  • Middle school scores (75.2) exceed the state score (72.0) by 0.2 points

In addition, 47 of 104 schools measured scored 80 or above on the new index, with 31 schools of those schools earning scores in the 90s or higher. Five schools made scores of 95 or better – Shakerag Elementary School (95.0), Abbott Hill Elementary School (95.1), Fulton Sunshine Charter Elementary (95.6), Webb Bridge Middle School (95.8) and Medlock Bridge Elementary school (97.4). 

The CCRPI framework helps to benchmark growth and identify year-to-year improvement. In Fulton County, 67 schools reported gains this year, including 15 that showed double-digit increases. 

  • S.L. Lewis Elementary School: +22.7
  • Hapeville Charter Career Academy: +22.4
  • A. Philip Randolph Elementary School: +20.1
  • Renaissance Elementary School: +16.6
  • KIPP South Fulton Academy: +15.4
  • Banneker High School: +14.7
  • Ison Springs Elementary School: +14.7
  • Camp Creek Middle School: +14.1
  • Langston Hughes High School: +12.9
  • Conley Hills Elementary School: +12.9
  • Woodland Elementary School: +12.9
  • Love T. Nolan Elementary School: +12.5
  • Main Street Academy: +12.5
  • Brookview Elementary School: +11.3
  • Paul D. West Middle School: +11.2

Some schools experienced dips in their scores, but it was not unexpected, as the Georgia Department of Education changed some calculations of its measurement formula.

Interpreting the CCRPI results

A school and district’s overall score is made up of three major areas: Achievement (60 points possible), Progress (25 points possible) and Achievement Gap (15 points possible). In addition to the three major areas, some schools receive “Challenge Points” to add to their score. They receive these points if they have a significant number of Economically Disadvantaged students, English Language Learner students and Students with Disabilities meeting expectations. They also receive “Exceeding the Bar” points for going beyond the targets of the CCRPI by challenging students to exceed expectations and participate in college and career readiness programs. 

Recalculated Scores for 2012

In addition to scores based on the 2012-2013 school year, recalculated scores for the 2011-2012 school year were also released today. Since the first “study year” of CCRPI implementation in 2012, the GaDOEhas received feedback from education partners and the public, and has revised and refined the CCRPI to make a more meaningful report. The 2013 data was calculated reflecting the new calculation, and the 2012 scores were recalculated applying the new calculation methodology to the same 2012 data. Comparisons between 2012 and 2013 results will only be valid using the recalculated results. Any comparison to the “study year” will not compare “apples to apples” and will be invalid.


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