Fulton Science Academy Parents Cry Foul Over Privacy

Nearby Sandy Springs: Student names were listed on an audit report that some parents say violate privacy laws.


Parents of children who attended are crying foul over the Fulton School System's release of student names in an audit report about the school.

At least one parent has reportedly sent a complaint to the U.S. Department of Education, asking for an investigation into alleged violations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Also Ava Chun, whose son attended the school, sent an email to state legislators and media outlets saying the school system and its superintendent broke privacy laws.

"Informing you that Fulton County Superintendent Dr. Avossa and Fulton County School board members broke the privacy law in specifically mentioning student names in its FAULTY UNTRUE audit report," she wrote.

She provided a link to a WSB-TV article online that listed other parents' concerns. It also contains an aplogy from a school system representative and a promise to examine the school system's online public records request system.

The audit report was posted online in the materials for the June 5 School Board workshop meeting, under Superintendent's Report. Patch contacted the school system about the complaint, telling a spokesperson that student names were listed on the published report. The report was taken down and replaced with no notice. When those same parents again complained to Patch that even the new version still contained student names, the school system again was contacted. Now a third version is online–and was replaced on Patch's pages–that had even more names blacked out.

"I request GA legislator and government leaders to see and understand how Fulton County School superintendfent and board falsely manipulates facts and blatantly VIOLATES the law and to do what it can to remedy this," Chun asked in her email to many state senators and representatives.

The school system performed an audit of the school after . The audit investigation intensified when an $18.9 million a second time by a ratings agency. This audit added specific complaints against the school's board of governor's and its fiscal management. The student names were listed in reports on three international trips taken by students, parents and chaperones.

The school also , which was rejected citing the same grounds as the Fulton County School Board's rejection of its charter renewal. Now Fulton Science Academy Middle School is , and expending from a middle school to admit students from Pre-K through eighth grade.

MarkMunoz June 19, 2012 at 07:04 AM
No PR crusade against FSA, trying to grasp the truth here. Just because FSA states they 'outperformed" all of the schools in Fulton County School System academically doesn't mean that it is true. Additionally, we are beyond clouding the financial mismanagement issues this school has had for 10 years with your PR, advertising and marketing of FSA. Stick to the issues that caused your school denial of it's charter. End of story, your school still cannot assume responsibility for poor business practices, lack of privacy protocal and financial loan default for $19 million not to mention where is the missing $6 million? This is the problem with this "group" that manages these charter schools, they create a PR campaign of "Newsweeks top ten", USA Today top schools" "Blue Ribbon School" (yes FSA is not the ONLY blue ribbon school claimed by this "group"- and certainly not the only one that expects taxpayers to pay your h1-b Visa fees)
MarkMunoz June 19, 2012 at 07:06 AM
Part II, So get over yourself and arrogant behavior that it is OK to charge $500K on behalf of Grace Institute, pay over $80K in H1-b Visa fees and steal $19 million in construction loans while you knew there might be a problem with your indignant 10 year renewal request like you are something special and deserve special treatment over other schools. You should get over yourselves and move on. Remember you are no longer a part of the public school system in Fulton County any more. AND you will have to answer to the default loan, no matter if you have a blue green or purple ribbon that you claim sets you above the rest. If you are all that.....then switching to a private school shouldn't be an issue. Surely you could command the highest tuition fees in fulton county. Just hope that Wells Fargo your new landlord doesn't kick you out before the next school year starts. But then with that big building and barely 100 students signed up maybe you don't need all of that space.
MarkMunoz June 20, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Quoted from the North Fulton about problems at FSA from 10 years ago" "The inaugural school year was only halfway through in 2003 when Fulton County School System officials were drawn into what was described as "serious problems" on the governing board of the FSA. According to a news article published in March 2003 in Appen Newspapers, "a serious rift has developed on the [FSA] board of directors over who is in control, essentially splitting the seven-member board into two factions with each side accusing the other of illegal activities." Parent members of the school's governing board sought to remove the principal, Selim Ozdemir, but maintained they were stymied by the founding trustees who essentially took over as the majority on the governing board. The founding board originated the charter for the school and was responsible only for running the nonprofit aspects of the school. Parent members of the governing board said the trustees were supposed to cease activities related to the management of the school once the governing board was in place. Instead, the trustees appointed themselves into control of the governing board."
MarkMunoz June 25, 2012 at 07:33 PM
Don't understand why these parents are taking issue with this. After all, Fulton Science Academy has exploited their children's names and photos all over the Internet when they were trying to market the school as "award" winning and some sort of unique education. Here is just one example of 2 parents of FSA and their Children being interviewed by the School and their thoughts about their kids participating in the Turkish Olympiad. There are many of these examples on the Internet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xWqgpGyw_-o#!
MarkMunoz July 12, 2012 at 04:20 PM
The Feds have one of their BIG Rats in Federal prison. Seems Ardici was trying to set up businesses in Cuba. Under the "dealing with the enemy act" he was caught and his attorney is also in Jail. Ardici who own markets in NY, admits he was sent to Cuba by a "religious group" http://www.tribecatrib.com/news/2012/july/1306_amish-market-owner-languishes-in-jail-for-alleged-business-dealings-in-cuba.html Ironically, Ardici was President of Gulen non profit (Sema Foundation) which loaned the NOW CLOSED Fulton Science Academy in Georgia over $300,000. THere is a letter on CASILIPS web site from Sema Foundation to Fulton Science Academy forgiving them 1/2 of the loan amount. The Sema Foundation has also contributed big money to political campaigns. To Clinton they gave $5,000 , afterwards her husband Former President Clinton makes a video promoting Turkey and AMerican friendship. Barf. The feds are circling in on the rats and have the big rat in Federal Prison that is singing like a coward canary, see additional information here: http://gulencharterschools.weebly.com/financial-links-between-charter-schools-and-gulen-movement-ctd.html


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