New Braves Stadium Will Impact Sandy Springs Traffic, Question is How Much?

The stadium will be located just outside of Sandy Springs and less than a mile from the new site of Heards Ferry Elementary School.

Sandy Springs staff has started an assessment on the impact of the Atlanta Braves' new ballpark on local traffic.

The stadium will be located in the Cumberland Mall area just outside Sandy Springs, and less than a mile from the new site of Heards Ferry Elementary School at 6151 Powers Ferry Road.

During public comment at last week's City Council meeting, resident Michael McDonald asked about the stadium's impact. He also raised the question in a previous meeting. Mayor Rusty Paul said, “I’m not sure we know at this point. We’ll have some conversations with Cobb County.”

Paul added, “That is something we’ll be able to discuss more fully as we learn more. There is no question that it is going to have an impact on parts of the city, and we are in the process of doing that assessment today.” 

During an update on the Heards Ferry Elementary school relocation by Fulton County Schools, Councilman Gabriel Sterling commented that game day traffic will coincide with afterschool activities and asked if there was any solution in place.

“What about the infrastructure we will have to have and expand to keep these kids safe if they do walk, and if they are going through carpooling on those days,” Sterling asked.

David Knotts, director of Land Management for Fulton County Schools said, “We are now assessing that just like the city is to determine what we need to do from a traffic perspective, from a parking perspective; from the Braves and pedestrian connection. That’s where we are today. It’s all relatively new, as far as what just came out.”


Michael G. McDonald January 13, 2014 at 10:25 AM
In addition to the very serious issues of traffic as they impact safety, infrastructure, time wasted and the resultant economic toll, there is the issue of wanton destruction of a Metro Atlanta landmark, the Centennial Olympic Stadium, aka, Turner Field, which has a market value of close to $500,000,000. Private contributions enabled the construction of this world class facility just seventeen years ago. It is under the aegis and stewardship of the Atlanta Fulton County Stadium Authority. We as citizens of Fulton County are stakeholders in this splendid facility which generates millions of dollars in direct and indirect tax revenue and rental income for both Fulton County and Atlanta. As Fulton County-ians, as well as citizens of Sandy Springs, we must have an important seat at the negotiating table concerning this overall MLB conversation before we and the Centennial Olympic Stadium are bulldozed. Rise up.
Michael G. McDonald January 13, 2014 at 02:44 PM
Correction: When the Olympic Stadium was built replacing the old Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, the Atlanta Fulton Stadium Authority was folded into the Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority and the full ownership of the newly built stadium, then named Turner Field was ceded to the City of Atlanta. Apparently Fulton County has no vested financial interest in "The Ted". Arguably, its loss as a facility is a prestige and image blow to the Metro Atlanta area as well as a huge financial waste during parlous economic times. The Braves' move is a lemon, the challenge for all of Metro Atlanta is to turn it into lemonade.
bob brown January 14, 2014 at 07:43 AM
it will be a boom to the north both cobb an ss will benifit .the hotels an restaurants all around will benefit . it will increase prop values as well as the tax base for the adjacent areas .


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