Red Ribbon Week for Drug and Alcohol Prevention Revamped at Riverwood

Red Ribbon Week at Riverwood International Charter School Becomes a Combined Effort Between Administration and Families


During National Red Ribbon Week, the last week of October, Riverwood International Charter School faculty and staff worked with families to get the message of drug and alcohol awareness out to students.

Each day had a theme and a link on the school Facebook and Twitter pages for parents to read a short article or blog on how to deal with and approach the issues related to drugs, peer pressure, being a teen, and universal challenges, to use for open dialog with family and friends.

Schools and communities nationwide recognize the campaign against substance abuse by wearing a red ribbon and engaged in activities to promote a healthy drug-free lifestyle.

Traditionally Riverwood’s program has involved classroom-based efforts to address the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse among teens, while teachers continue to educate students through health classes, the Peer Mentoring program, and year-long initiatives.


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