Ridgeview Smooth Jazz Ensemble Needs Your Online Vote in Battle of the Bands

As of this posting, the Sandy Springs teen group has 1,123 votes but they need more to get in the top spot.


Ridgeview Charter School eighth-grader Justice Michael’s band, Anonymous, has been selected to compete in SchoolJam USA, a national teen battle of the bands competition that promotes teen musicians and works to support school music education programs.

Anonymous is a multi-talented smooth jazz band.

Bands from across the country are competing for a spot at the finals in Anaheim, California, on January 26, 2013, in the hopes of securing not only prizes for their band but funding for Ridgeview’s band program. The top eight bands will advance based on a combination of their musical ability and an online public vote during November.

Anonymous needs the public to vote for them to advance, through the end of the month. As of this posting, they have 1,123 votes but they need more to get in the top spot. 

Click here to vote on the SchoolJam website to vote.


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