Riverwood Athletes Commit to College Programs

Wednesday is National Signing Day.


Wednesday is National Signing Day, and some Riverwood High student athletes have already declared their intention to continue their education at the collegiate level.

Isaiah Dean will play at South Florida Community College next year as a middle infielder. Isaiah has been a 3 year starter for the varsity program and is not only a stand-out defender, but he also turned himself into a switch hitter.  Coach Mike Santoro praised his competitiveness and work-ethic on the diamond saying, “Our energy level in practices and games comes from Isaiah.  Many of our players take their lead from him.”

Randolph Gassaway will play first-base at Middle Georgia College next year and is view by many as a potential draft pick come the June MLB draft.  The 6’5” Gassaway provides power to the Raider line-up and looks to be a major part of the offense this year.  “Randolph just hits the ball differently, Santoro said. "He’s a great competitor, but also a great teammate.”

Kinley Craig will pitch for Columbus State next year and has really matured as a baseball player. His 6’5” frame and side-arm delivery creates a variety of challenges for hitter. Kinley has been a part of the baseball program for four years at Riverwood, and Santoro calls him “one of the most committed players to the program that I have ever had.”

Particularly in the world of college football, "National Signing Day" has turned into something of a holiday for fans eager to find out if their favorite college program will get the top "blue-chip" recruits. But it's also an exciting day for athletes from soccer, baseball and every other sport.

With your help, Sandy Springs Patch wants to capture the moment when they announce their college destinations.

You have a couple of options:

  • Upload an announcement. After your favorite players sign on the dotted line, head over to Patch and tell everyone where they are headed. We'll help you spread the word by promoting the announcement on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Post photos. Did you know that Sandy Springs Patch has a gallery of user-generated photos? Wednesday is the perfect day to use it.

These are tools anyone can use to highlight what's going on in school, a business, athletic team, charitable organization, you name it. We're happy to help you spread the word on Patch!

Let the national signing day frenzy begin.


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