The Other Controversy at Riverwood

Sandy Springs Patch is awaiting official comment that overcrowding concerns have been addressed. Riverwood capacity is about 1,300, but we’re told that currently 1,700 students attend the school.


Although Riverwood principal Chris Triolo’s departure came as surprise to many, overcrowding has been a recent controversy at the school. 

Patch is awaiting official comment that the overcrowding concerns have been addressed. Riverwood capacity is about 1,300, but we’re told that currently 1,700 students attend the school.

The governance board recently voted to limit incoming Riverwood students to children from Ridgeview Charter Middle School; out of district students who have a sibling at Riverwood; and children of teachers and faculty at the school.

Leadership Change

Last week, principal Triolo resigned citing a desire to be closer to family and has accepted another job. He leaves Jan 23rd and will be replaced by an interim principal. 

Triolo was hired in October 2011 to replace former principal Eddie Echols, who was forced to resign following an audit report that revealed he used a school American Express Card for personal transactions, allegedly racking up $25,000 in charges. 

Triolo has accepted a position in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System in North Carolina where he previously worked. Superintendent Robert Avossa was also hired from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System.

Give us your take on overcrowding at Riverwood in the comments below.

Dominique Huff January 20, 2013 at 09:57 AM
Riverwood always was changing principals. I graduated from there in 2000 and was there all four years. We had our fair share of them along with their controversy. Eddie 'Sticky Fingers' Echols was there during my time as well too. RHS was always a small school as the powers that be wanted it to stay that way. The solution was to eliminate M to M and have tougher standards for Magnet students. There was an emphasis on recruiting magnet students from private middle schools rather than all Fulton middle schools. In addition, with the layout of the school, it's landlocked. Ultimately, the county is going to have to replace that building or find a new site for a bigger RHS.
LLBaker121110@gmail.com January 21, 2013 at 12:50 PM
Agreed, Riverwood in the early 2000s struggled to keep a principal. I graduated in 2003 and we had 4 principals in 4 years.
Dominique Huff January 25, 2013 at 03:54 AM
4 principals, wow! With you being in Class of 2003, we shared Myra Reynolds with you. I know in Fall 2000, you guys had Dr. Claire Boyce (I think that was her name). Many teachers told me they hated her more than Reynolds. Riverwood had the same issue my colleagues at Westlake had, revolving principals. In some cases, the principal was removed due to political pressure or simply because they refuse to cave into the parent clique that ran things.


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