Whiz Kid Wants to Help Others

North Springs freshman, Mohamed Diallo, helps others locally and wants to help others in the future through being a doctor.

Name: Mohamed Diallo

Age: 14

School: North Springs Charter High School

Accomplishment: North Springs ninth grader, Mohamed Diallo, spent the summer helping others at the Community Action Center and is working towards a lifetime of helping others and his dream of becoming a doctor.

Key to Awesomeness:

As a summer intern with the Community Action Center, Mohamed did a variety of tasks. “I did many things around the building, helping people and clients,” said Mohamed. “My favorite parts were working at the front desk and helping in the food pantry."

Now that the summer is over, Mohamed is dedicated to his studies. “The thing I am most looking forward to in high school is having AP and honors classes,” he added. He is currently in accelerated algebra honors and considers math his favorite subject.

Mohamed plans on being a cardiologist or a pediatrician. “I picked those because I have many family members that are doctors. I think it is cool that I get to go to the hospital and see what they do,” he said.

Aside from his work at the Community Action Center, he attended many family reunions and barbecues this summer. When not volunteering or studying, Mohamed enjoys playing basketball and reading.


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