Are you a 'Boomer Slacker'?

Boomer Slacker or Active Positive Person? As today’s seniors, we can choose to be active disciples of learning. What are you learning today and where are you playing?


"Wisdom" is the positive characteristic attributed to people in later years of life. Ancient societies believed that if an "old fogey” survived long enough, he/she must know something of value and therefore have value. These seniors were esteemed citizens and not considered at all to be "dead weight" to be thrown overboard.

In the 1800s, 50 to 60-year-olds were respected as elders. They were considered wise, and respected. Without the Internet, new information about the world came slowly, and living longer was the enlightened path to knowledge.

Today, 2012, only SOME of our 70 to 80-year-olds are considered wise, and guess what...we Boomers are now also becoming seniors! New and valued information is available almost instantaneously to everyone via the Internet.     

The CARROT? As today’s seniors, if we choose to be active and constant disciples of learning, we can remain a vital source of currently relevant wisdom. In Internet language, no matter your age, you can be a SME: a Subject Matter Expert. We can retain the mantle of "wisdom" if we choose to live an active learning lifestyle and travel first class on the “technological ship of knowledge." (And remember, in case you’re afraid of embracing this technology, the “first step to knowledge is confusion!”)

The STICK? Go ahead: Don't try to keep up with social media, smart phones, and notepads. Then see if your children, grandchildren, and active peers think you are "cool," or if they see you as a "Has Been." See if they consider you a source of sparkling dinner conversation or a “fuddy-duddy,” a teller of repetitious stories that everyone can repeat verbatim while rolling their eyes and yawning behind your back.  

The POINT? This stuff in not just for seniors. It's for those of us who want to have competitive businesses, those of us who want to "get the joke," those of us who want to have a positive influence on our families, those of us who like to feel confident among our friends; and (you may have seen this coming) for those of us who want to be Active Positive People with a lifestyle that creates value for ourselves and others. Check out our article

The ULTERIOR MOTIVE? Oh yeah, we definitely have an ulterior motive! As Boomers and seniors in our 60s, we want our friends to remain current and vital, so we have buddies with whom we can banter and help solve the world’s problems.

Ah, yes, remember "Whirled Peas" in our article "Active Boomers Make the World a Better Place?  We also want our peers to be healthy and fit, so they can come out and play: Tennis, dance, walks in the park, golf, basketball, Frisbee, Kick the Can, Tug-A-War, you name it! After all, our grandkids are getting tired of us beating them at their own games!

Please don't be a "Boomer Slacker" -- be an Active Positive Person! Keep learning, keep moving, and come out and play!

So, what are you learning today and where are you playing?

Positively yours,

Sheri and Bill        

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James R Johnson April 24, 2012 at 08:06 PM
When you hang out with Sheri and Bill you don't have time to be a Slacker.
Sheri & Bill Eppright April 25, 2012 at 11:35 AM
Thanks Jim. We noticed that you keep an active balanced lifestyle with family, business and community. We're thinking that it all contributes to your youthful, lead by example approach. Positively yours, Bill and Sheri
James R Johnson April 25, 2012 at 01:55 PM
Yes, to much balance, I need more fun and grandkids.
Rosalind Bennett April 27, 2012 at 07:57 PM
Being an active senior is so important these days. I commend you both for supporting and promoting the need to be active and positive.
Sheri & Bill Eppright April 29, 2012 at 12:56 PM
Hi Rosalind, Your positive leadership with Gwinnett Council for Seniors (www.GwinnettCouncilForSeniors.org) is widely recognized and appreciated. Since for years you have been directly involved with senior needs and lifestyles, we respect and value your opinion. The Gwinnett Council for Seniors (GCS) encourages an active and informed senior citizen lifestyle for seniors in Gwinnett County. Sheri and I consider it a positive place, and we plan to follow its influence on our community. Positively yours, Sheri and Bill


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