What If You Were a Super Hero?

“Golly, Batman! What's all the hub-bub about Avengers and heroes these days?”

“Golly, Batman! What's all the hub-bub about Avengers and heroes these days?” When we were kids we had a mild mannered reporter from a daily metropolitan newspaper with an "S" on his chest, and he could do it all -- “Easy-peasy!” Today our Super Heroes can do only one or two super tricks.           

Yesterday's heroes are different from today's heroes, but then so are we. Yesterday's heroes were strong enough to leap a tall building, bend steel in their bare hands, consume a can of raw spinach (yum), “BOP!” the Baddie on the chin, Save the Day, and untie the damsel in the nick of time. That was good enough then, but not today.      

Is the world changing? You bet it is...faster than a speeding bullet! We are moving from simple to complex, pagers to texting, land-lines to smart phones. Instead of "You want fries with that?" it's "You want the App for that?"   

Today, Super Heroes need to have enough intellectual capacity to learn new things, enough social savvy and empathy to keep ahead of a changing society, enough physical stamina to sustain the pace of multitasking in our evolving world, and enough visionary logic to untie a complex plot before the antimatter hits the fan. However, at the same time, he/she must also remain a moral constant with ability and willingness to keep all promises, while bombarded with constant incoming multichannel information.     

Try answering this one: What if you we're a Super Hero? What powers would you have, and why? Would you save the world, rescue children from burning buildings, or kittens from trees? And what super abilities would you have -- infinite wisdom, unlimited strength and health?

If you won the Lottery, and the prize was to be a Super Hero for one year, what power would you pick, and how would you use it? 

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James R Johnson May 22, 2012 at 12:57 PM
I am satisfied to be a super hero to my grandson Zach. That requires a lot of learning new stuff like language control.
Alan McNaron May 23, 2012 at 01:31 PM
I agree James. Not asking only "What if I had superpowers?"but "How can I become someone's superhero?" Great point. The everyday life presents numerous opportunities to help others and better the world around us. Make it an effort to inspire someone and help them achieve their dreams.
Sheri & Bill Eppright May 23, 2012 at 06:54 PM
Thanks James and Alan for your positive comments! Both comments are great segues to our next blog article on every day heroes and the importance of heroes and role models in our lives. Positively yours, Sheri and bill


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