Gotta Give a Cop Review of "End of Watch" Film

Capt Steve and Detective Sandy rate the latest police movie.


My wife, detective Sandy and I, went to see the movie "End of Watch." It stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena as a couple of LA cops working South Central Los Angeles.

Rave reviews by the public. Sandy and I couldn't help but notice the unrealistic parts of it. In the first scene, the camera is a dash-cam on the police car following the bad guys in a chase on the secondary roads and alley ways. The bad guys wreck and come out each side shooting.

The two cops enter into the frame from each side of the camera angle, also guns a-blazin.' They kill the bad guys. Everyone is certainly impressed. We are not.

Sandy says: "Why would the cops leave perfectly good cover (the car) and walk right into the gunfire? That's just stupid."

I shrug. "It's Hollywood gunfire love. No bullets."

Later, the two cowboys are in the police car and they are in conversation about ones new girlfriend.

"Did you run her," says the other.

Run her meaning running her criminal history to see if she's okay or a has a record.

Sandy says: "That's ridiculous. They'd fire you for that!"

"True but a Hollywood criminal history check is okay. Cops are allowed to run girlfriends out there," I replied.

Later, the two are ambushed in an old apartment complex courtyard. Four or five gangbangers are upstairs holding AK-47 automatic rifles pointed at the very spot our cowboy cops are walking towards. Taken totally by surprise, the gang members shoot the unsuspecting cops with hundreds of bullets flying about the place---and they miss. Well if you count the hand wound on Jake's hand, no, they didn't. 

"Nobody shoots that badly!" Detective Sandy exclaims. "You can hit anything and more importantly, EVERYTHING with four AK-47's!"

"They don't shoot too well out there do they?" I said.

I'm now amused at how we've become top of the line police movie critics.

We decided to actually watch the rest of the movie and accept it as Hollywood fluff. It is actually a good movie if you like action and lots of gunfire. What you will see more than anything else is the overuse of the f-bomb. I'm hoping that you know what I mean. Every sentence has 4-5 f-bombs thrown in. Somebody count. Easily 400-500 I bet.

I won't give away the end of the movie but I'll give you a hint. Two words: Zombie Apocolypse!! Now we're back to reality.

"Trouble with the Curve." This movie stars Clint Eastwood who growls for two hours while trying to find a good number one draft pick for the Atlanta Braves.

That's about it.




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Anne Boatwright October 04, 2012 at 12:14 PM
As always, Capt. Steve makes me smile and chuckle.


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