By the Numbers: Community Action Center Provides Fact Sheet, Changes Name

To reflect its mission for Sandy Springs and Dunwoody residents, the Community Action Center has tweaked its name.


Saturday is expected to be proclaimed the first annual Community Assistance Center Day by the Sandy Springs City Council.

The CAC celebrates its 25th anniversary, this week, with a name change to reflect its dedication to Sandy Springs and Dunwoody residents. In recognition, several local restaurants and other businesses will donate a portion of their Saturday proceeds to the non-profit.

Last week, during an annual meeting, the CAC reported the following information:

  • Eleven area congregations founded the Community Action Center in 1987 to coordinate responses to requests for emergency assistance, for Sandy Springs and Dunwoody residents. 
  • The yearly annual budget has grown from $20,000 to $1,500,000.
  • In 25 years, the CAC has served more than 16,000 households and delivered benefits to more than 33,000 people.

2011 Numbers:

  • 467 students received school supplies.
  • 223 students learned at least one skill through the CAC adult education program.
  •  Nearly 1000 household were able to pay their mortgage, rent or utilities for at least one month through CAC assistance.
  • Approximately 800 families, 2000 individuals were able to keep their home or utilities connected for six months after receiving financial assistance.
  • 800 children from 350 families received holiday gifts donated by Sandy Springs families.

Who Does the CAC Serve?

  • In 2011, 5377 individuals from 2180 households
  • 44 percent were African American
  • 15 percent were Caucasian
  • 34 percent were Hispanic*
  • 45 percent were single adult
  • 55 percent were families
  • 7 percent were over age 55

* This story previously indicated that 54 percent of Hispanics were served by the CAC. The non-profit has adjusted its report.




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