jim armstrong
Old VN vet, 101st Abn (Eagles really do SCREAM), and 173rd Abn (just the herd, just the BEST) 2 tours, VN.  retired 'civil service' (if you took out books at the Ft. Bragg Library before 2001, you probably saw me, poor souls.)  Ardent deer hunter.  Love to deep sea fish.  My constant companion at home is my retired Greyhound, I renamed him Bumper for his rambunctious nature (I've had 3 greys before him, all lived to ripe old ages)  Next to them, Brittanies are my favorite dog.  (All my dogs have been the best dog I've ever had).  I believe that it's a good thing that the 'Patch' is not subsidized by the Army or the DOD, that 'other' news paper, the paraglide is much TOO obligated to show the military view (and protect the command from disagreements with its policies). 
Anyhow, thats me in a nutshell, emphasis on a bit of a nut, (ask someone who knows me).  Am I being paid for the above?  More importantly am I being charged for it?
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