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 Retired from Weight Watchers of Greater Atlanta, where I was V.P. in charge of Training and class room operations.  Past twelve years I have volunteered at the Breman Heritage and Holocaust Museum.  Served as chair of the Survivor speakers and Volunteers of the museum.  Since Sandy springs has become a city I have chosen to get involved with our Sandy Springs Police Dept.  First requisite was to take the Civilian Police Academy classes, which I did. I am now a volunteer with COPS. Citizens on Patrol. I highly recommend it to all.    Today I can proudly say, I volunteer with them, and feel I am giving back to those who do so much. Another part of my life’s training involved Neuro Linguistics.  Commonly known as NLP.  That has taught me how to live a positive and empowering life. My intention is to share with you some of what I have learned.  I studied NLP in San Francisco, Utah and Breckinridge, Colorado, with many of the masters.  Recently wrote a book, www.couldnthurt.com, and in the process of writing my 2nd book.
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